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Welcome to The Dive Watch Depot, your #1 resource for any and all information related to dive watches. As an informational based affiliate website, it is our mission to provide consumers with accurate, thorough and honest information to help them find the best possible watches based on their unique needs. 

If you are new to this website and are having some trouble figuring out where to begin, then I advise you to first refer yourself to the images of dive watches that you can see directly above this passage. If you left click on any of those photos, you will be redirected to one of our review pages that contain specific and honest details as well as consumer feedback about that particular model. Also on the review pages, you will find light blue links that are labeled, “click here for prices, photos and more reviews”. If you click one of those links, you will be redirected to the website of one of our affiliate partners that acts as a vendor for that particular watch. Please note right now, that this website does make commission for any and all affiliate sales that are facilitated through our links, and that those revenues DO HELP contribute to our mission to provide fresh, trustworthy and useful information for those who are in the market for diving watches. 

As you can see from the above images, there is a large variety of dive watches available on the market. If you are unsure about which one is the best fit for you, then keep reading below to learn about some of the different types and functions that come along with these specific timepieces.

One of the most popular and most functional types of dive watches are the digital prototypes (as seen on the right). These are great for serious divers and snorkelersbecause they tend to offer the most diverse amount of functions, including but not limited to timers, alarms, date displays, countdowns, dive meters, dive logs, chronographs, thermometers, illumination, surf reports and of course advanced water resistance. Many people also consider digital models to be easier to read and more sporty. However on the downside, they can’t double as formal watches as easily as analog models can.

Which bring us to our second breed of dive watches: analogs. All analog watches utilize hands instead of digital numbers and are used in formal situations as often as they are used in the field. Analog dive watches tend to be more expensive and more intricately designed then their digital counterparts. They commonly utilize features like rotating bezels, titanium bracelets, solar powering and robust aesthetics in order to create a wrist gadget that is fashionable as well as functional. Analogs are great pieces of snorkeling or scuba gear.

Depending on what type of aquatics lover you are and what manner of events and activities you plan to wear on dive watch on, you need to consider all of the features that particular a watch offers.

And then of course, there is also the issue of price. Some dive watches (such as the Reactor models) can range into the four figures range, while others (such as Casios) tend to be a lot more affordable. We have here on this website several compilations of dive watches and diving knives for those with robust as well as limited budgets. If interested in buying a more expensive and luxurious watch, we recommend you check out our post Five of the Best Dive Watches. On the flip side, if you are shopping with a tighter budget, we recommend you read through Ten Great Dive Watches For Less Then $100. 

If it is reviews that you are exclusively seeking, please refer yourself to the reviews page at the top of the website (located just under the site title). 

Other than that, if you have any other questions or concerns about a particular dive watch we feature or we can enhance your experience with this website in any way, please feel free to visit the contact page (also located just below the navigation), and submit an inquiry.

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